• 1Highway view during the night

    Karen Show House

    This house was built in Nairobi at Karen as a show house.
  • 2An alley leadign to a big houser, surrounded by flowers

    Mamba show House

    It was built as a show house at Mombasa.
  • 3A suitcase on the beach and a woman in the distance


    Presbyterian University Of East Africa classes building.
  • 4Big room with a large, classic sofa in it

    Siginon Terminal

    An Elsek & Elsek Construction project for the year 2011.



Leading agent company of ELSEK ELSEK Group Of Companies. Elsek - Elsek was founded on 2001 in Istanbul Turkey. From our establisment to the present we are proud of what we have left behind us.

Belongs to the ELSEK ELSEK Group of companies and one of the leading company in construction business which brings a new construction idea to East Africa.

Now we have brought fiber cement and steel construction technology in East Africa.

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Our company, adopting the principles, Continuous improvement and being Customer oriented, is a major corporation which is aware of its brand  responsibility, by making investment in the construction industry with  Fiber Cement and Unwelded Steel  Structure Technology.

Elsek & Elsek

Our first company in Kenya is Elsek & Elsek (K) Ltd, which is already proved for bringing the highest quality of cement with cheapest prices.

Another point of Elsek Elsek Construction is very proud of is that; the strong company image and the brand image it own were not created by any foreign capital

The power of ELSEK ELSEK Construction comes from the Elsek Elsek Group Philosophy as the synergy, created by bringing  tradition, quality, technology and being customer oriented in concepts all together. 

ELSEK ELSEK Construction is also proud of its strong company image and the brand image it owns cause it was not created by any foreign capital, but  with its own capital ,  with target of 100 % domestic production and with the support of Elsek Group of Companies.


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Finished Projects

Some of the finished projects of elsek & elsek construction are.....

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